Saturday, December 8, 2018

About Us

About Us

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Here we write posts about the latest health news, different cancers knowledge, food-nutrition knowledge, men's and women's health . We also write articles on different diseases symptoms, reasons, prevention, Treatments and home remedies of that. We recommend you read our articles and give your valuable suggestions and feedback.

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Hey guys!! My name is Jeet Narayan Mandal, a resident of Dhanusha, Nepal. I am doing my bachelor's degree in BBA. Since my childhood, I was seven mediocre the study but thinks of a lot of sense to learn new and I tried to know which excitement was challenging for me. I used to spend my free time with my phone and computer and thankful! One day I was known as some blogging and I found it very interesting so I have learned my level for the best and I have been learning it!