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Home remedies for constipation

Home remedies for constipation:

What is Constipation?

It is known in the form of constipation or constellation in Ayurveda to pass the inability to completely empty the intestines or to remove the hard stool. This prevailing problem is due to a wrong lifestyle and bad eating pattern. Although constipation is often seen as a common problem, if treatment is not done or if there is a delay in the treatment of constipation, then it may lead to further problems such as fissure, fistulas, hemorrhoids, lack of appetite and indigestion Can be made.

Constipation can also be optional with diarrhea. This is usually in the form of part of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The effect of stool on the extreme end of the spectrum is seen. This occurs when the stool becomes stiff in the rectum and becomes registered.

Occasionally, due to liquid stools, due to obstruction, the fluid of colline gets leaked around the affected stool.

Reasons for constipation:

To provide basic cause constipation treatment, it is important to first understand the root cause. Basically, weak digestion is the most common cause and it results from irregular and incorrect eating patterns, not taking enough fluids, taking a diet that is less in fiber, a sedentary lifestyle, and intestinal withdrawal habits Which are bad All of these give rise to the incomplete digestion of food, which is not expelled by intestines and causes the formation of ama (mucus). Foods that are heavy and difficult to digest, as well as oily, spicy, fried and junk food are criminals. Eating in a turbulent environment or waking up in front of the television and late nights leads to all of the bowel disturbances. Psychological factors like stress, anxiety, fear, jealousy, and sorrow also play an important role and are addressed during the treatment of constipation with jiva.

Sign and Symptoms of constipation

  • Indigestion

  • stomach ache

  • Nausea

  • stomach enlargement

  • Body heaviness

  • Lack of appetite

  • Acid erosion

  • Passing fewer than three stools a week
  • It looks like there is a blockage in your rectum that prevents bowel movements.

  • Looks like you can not completely empty your rectum

  • Need help to clear your rectum, such as to press your hands on your stomach and use a finger to remove the stool from your stool.

Treatment of Ayurvedic constipation:

According to Ayurveda, un-cooked food and secreted feces gradually accumulate in the stomach and large intestines,/ and reduces data defect, which reduces the digestive tract. When the digestive system is not clear, then the body will not be able to facilitate the proper bowel movement, which can lead to constipation.

Diet and lifestyle advice for constipation:

  • Increase intake of fiber, especially fruit and cooked vegetables.

  • Every day an apple or banana is helpful. Bananas must be ripe (shiny yellow).

  • Drink 7-8 glasses of water each day, lukewarm in winter and lukewarm water in the summer.

  • Take a morning soup, preferably made from spinach and tomatoes.

  • Stroll for at least 20-30 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

  • Eat whole grains and fruits.

  • Avoid removing the bran from the flour because the bran is an insoluble fiber that cleanses the intestines and relieves constipation.

  • Avoid refined foods such as white flour, bread, pasta, pizza, white rice, etc.

  • High-protein foods such as paneer, red meat, and soybeans can cause constipation, so they should be taken with salads and lots of fluids.

  • Meat is constipation and should be avoided.

  • Disturbing psychological factors should be removed, and food should be taken in a relaxed and calm environment.

  • Meals should be hot and fresh,/ because cold and stale food slow down digestion.

  • Drinking excessive cold food like ice cream or cold drink reduces bowel movement.

Home remedies for constipation:

  • Take a tablespoon castor oil while sleeping until you get relief.

  • Develop the habit of drinking water in the morning. Start with 2 glasses of water, and eat 6 to 7 glasses. This is more beneficial if this water can be stored in copper containers overnight.

  • Soak after 3-4 dry figs in the water overnight. Eat them first in the morning, and drink that water in which they were soaked. They should also be taken in the evening. Try this treatment for 3-4 weeks.

  • Give children 3 to 4 drops of lukewarm castor oil over the navel at night. This will help to clear bowel movements in the morning (1-3 years of age).

  • During the bath, put lukewarm sesame oil on the navel and place the towel on the lower abdomen (which is immersed in hot water).
Home remedies for constipation.