Thursday, June 6, 2019

Uric acid definition, symptoms, pictures, and prevention

Elements of protein metabolism in the body are called uric acid. However, in some cases due to lifestyle, uric acid increases in the body. Which causes trouble in the pain of heart, diabetes, and pneumonia. Blood should be checked to find the amount of uric acid in the body. The amount of uric acid in the blood is three to seven milligrams per liter, it is considered as normal. However, hyperuricemia is believed to be more than seven million grains in acid.

Uric acid symptoms
Uric acid symptoms


In some cases even during hyperuricemia, the pain should not be painted and heard. However, after gradually collecting uric acid in meat and cartilage, it will become painful/sound. This condition is called Gouti Arthritis.

There is a common belief that the acid and burning pain, the jam, and the bacterial shock are the urine that is incorrect. In fact, such symptoms cannot be considered as acetic acid. However, there are symptoms of urine acid, which are difficult to get older, aching, listening, and walking during the morning. Apart from this, pain, knee, throat and finger injury can be painful.

Likewise, due to the pain of uric acid, in some cases, the infection can occur as a pipe.


The amount of protein in the body increases uric acid. Therefore, special attention should be paid for the catering. For this, consume adequate water or sampled food. Which exceeds the maximum uric acid pneumonia.

Uric acid also increases even when the amount of substance in excess of raw meat, cottage food, pulses, roams, sauce, bacterial, peas, peas, and bundles. Similarly, these foods should be eaten significantly.

In daily meals, there is a need to include about five grams of vitamin Vitamin. Likewise, when exercising and reducing weights, it also contains uric acid.

High medicine consumption, the problem in the thyroid, increase the amount of iron, and alcohol also increases uric acid. Thus, it is necessary to avoid such things.

Should be seen by the symptoms of uric acid, it should be consumed with pain/hearing loss medication as per the doctor's advice. However, the use of uric acid reduction medicines cannot be eaten. The amount of uric acid in the blood suddenly decreases. And, it can increase the pain by combining the crystal of uric acid around the zoned.