Tuesday, August 6, 2019

What is zombie's deer diseases?

Zombie deer diseases, also Know as Chronic wasting disease (CWD), is a relatively rare infectious disease that affects the brain and Spinal tissue of deer, reindeer, elk, sika deer and moose. Main reason for calling this disease as a zombie deer disease is that when a disease occurs in a animal, that animal starts to lose weight and dies slowly.

What is zombie's deer diseases

This type of diseases has been found in North America, Canada and some areas of the United States, along with Norway, Ireland, Finland and South Korea.

The disease affects deer brain and spinal cord through abnormal prion proteins that damage and collect normal prion proteins and cells and eventually burst.  The bodies of infected animals are ruined because they lose weight at high speeds, and they eventually become confused with being unable to hear, walk, eat.

The disease passes easily between animals through contact with infected feces, urine or saliva, and the virus of this disease can survive for a long time.  The disease can survive for years in the environment indirectly it can infect more animals.

One particular thing about this disease is that it can occur in any age animal and research has shown that many animals die before it develops.

Disease deer, mousse and elk spread through many mediums such as body fluids, food, water pollution, from the soil. After infection in animals, it takes a lot of time for the symptoms to develop, sometimes even 1 year. Its symptoms are such as heavyweight  loss, hearing disorders or other neurological symptoms.

Till now, this disease has not spread in any human and has not been seen, but according to the CDC, if the disease spreads in humans, it can be Infect first in the person who eats deer meat.

The biggest risk is that this disease can gradually infect humans as well. In the 1980s and 1990s, the disease of mad cow in the United Kingdom infected humans.  This disease first infected the cattle and gradually spread to humans.  The reason for the spread of disease in humans was the flesh of the cow.  In that decade the disease spread very rapidly and many people had died. This shows that zombie deer disease can also gradually transmit humans

The disease was first identified in 1967 in the North-East Colorado.  It was first recognized for the first time 1981 Disease.

As of 2006, zombie deer disease was spread only in six states, but now the disease has spread to 24 states. This report shows that disease has spread very fast and will spread.

Here are zombie deer diseases States:

• Arkansas                • Colorado
• Illinois                     • Iowa
• Kansas                   • Maryland
• Michigan                • Minnesota
• Missouri                 • Mississippi
• Montana                 • New Mexico
• Nebraska                • New York
• North Dakota         • Pennsylvania
• South Dakota         • Tennessee
• Texas                      • Utah
• Virginia                   •West Virginia
• Wisconsin              •  Wyoming.