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What is Agoraphobia? | Symptoms and causes of Agoraphobia - Healthintimation

What is Agoraphobia?

Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder. In this disorder, you are very afraid of anything and you try to escape or escape from the situations and places that bother you. All-time you start feeling trapped, scared, helpless and embarrassed.

Fear of place and condition is associated with agoraphobia, especially where it is difficult to avoid and where help cannot be found.  Many people with the disease also fear an actual or anticipated condition, such as being in a crowd, standing in line, going out of the house, being in open spaces, or being in remote areas.

In particular, fear is the main cause of anxiety in any human being, people who have had one or more terrorist attacks develop agoraphobia, because they are very afraid of the situations they faced and always worried.

People suffering from this phobia are often afraid of going to any public places, so they always spend most of the time in their home. Agoraphobia has so much fear that they feel unable to move out of the house, so they should stay with a relative or friend while exiting the house.

According to NIMH, 0.9 percent of American adults suffer from agoraphobia. If you or your relatives is suffering from agoraphobia, then you should treat it quickly. The treatment of this anxiety is challenging but gradually you start feeling fine.

Symptoms of Agoraphobia 

Common Symptoms

Common symptoms can occur, such as:

• Afraid to get out of the house

• Being afraid of standing in a crowd or in waiting line

• Afraid to spend time alone

• Afraid to go to public places

• Afraid to lift, car, or theater

• Afraid to go to public transportation, such as a bus, plane or train

• Lose control at any time

• They think that terraris might attack them again

• being in depression

Physical symptoms

In most humans, agoraphobia is caused by panic attacks. A panic attack is a series of physical symptoms. Whenever a person suffering from agoraphobia enters an uncomfortable or stressful area, they experience panic attacks.

• sweating

• dizziness

• chest pain

• trembling

• chest discomfort

• trembling

• shortness of breath

• chills

• nausea

• diarrhea

• upset stomach

• feeling dying

Causes of Agoraphobia 

Agoraphobia mostly occurs in childhood, although it can develop in adolescence in any humans. However, the symptoms of this disease can be seen in any person in any age. No one is properly aware of the main causes of agoraphobia. This phobia is one of the panic disorder, so there can be many factors in a human being having this disorder.

• Other phobias

Sometimes the cause of agoraphobia in a person can also be due to other phobias such as claustrophobia and social phobia.

• Anxiety disorder

Generalized anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder are also causes of agoraphobia.

• Depression

It has been seen once that a person has been attacked with one or more terror attacks, then those people go into depression due to which the person may also have agoraphobia.